EU - FP6 - Projects at HZG

HGF Research Field: Key Technologies

Core Programme: Advanced Engineering Materials

The projects are arranged chronologically according to their end date, with longest residual term at the top.

AcronymTitleFurther information
NESSHYNovel efficient solid storage for hydrogen
COSYComplex Solid State Reactions for Energy Efficient Hydrogen StorageCo-ordination: HZG
EUROMEMBRANESEuropean Conferences and Training in Membrane TechnologyCo-ordination: HZG
COINSCost Effective Integral Metallic Structure
MAGFORGEMagnesium Forged Components for Structural Lightweight Automotive Applications
FIBLASImprovement in Steel Utilisation and Manufacturing by Recent Break-Through in High-Power Fibre Laser Welding
POLYMERSPolymers of intrinsic microporosity - synthesis, transport properties and free volume
CARISMACoordination Action of Research on Intermediate and high temperature Specialised Membrane electrode Assembles
HYTRAINHydrogen Storage Research Training Network
NANOMEMPROExpanding membrane macroscale applications by exploring nanoscale material properties
STORHY Hydrogen storage systems for automotive applications
SOLVSTIR Solving welding problems by the use of friction stirCo-ordination: HZG
WELAIRDevelopment of short distance welding concepts for airframes
COMPOSEMulticomponent nanostructured materials for separation membranesCo-ordination: HZG
CONDPOLS-2Development of new polymer materials with electrical conductivity and stimuli-sensitive attributesCo-ordination: HZG
MOREPOWERCompact direct (m)ethanol fuel cell for portable applicationsCo-ordination: HZG
SYNFABImproving the competitiveness of the European stell fabrication industry using synchronised tandem wire welding technology