Light-weight Materials Assessment, Computing and Engineering Centre

The research platform “Light-weight Materials Assessment, Computing and Engineering Centre (ACE)” combines basic research with relevance for applications in creative approaches to coordinated project implementation. Together with partners from science and industry, such projects always aim to utilise the existing range of methods as effectively and efficiently as possible and, as a result, to accelerate research and make shortened innovation cycles possible.

The ACE research platform is a dynamic, organised unit within Materials Mechanics. The ACE platform is constantly evolving by assimilating sophisticated methodological expertise from fundamental research and making this expertise available for implementation in application-oriented projects. The existing infrastructure has been modernised since 2010 for this purpose, using the extension investment of the same name and was expanded to include facilities in which possibilities can be demonstrated clearly beyond the laboratory scale. The latest methods and infrastructure as well as sustained personnel management for combining expertise in the areas of research platform assessment, computing and engineering form the basis for interdisciplinary projects of strategic importance and considerable innovation potential.